The youth of the Coachella Valley represent our hope for the future.  They will become our doctors, nurses, accountants, scientists, public servants, teachers and so much more.  Pathways to Success is dedicated to assisting our talented young people complete a college degree and fulfill their career dreams here in the Coachella Valley.  Combined with many matching partners, we are providing over $1.5 million in scholarship support to students who enroll at College of the Desert, CSUSB Palm Desert, UC Riverside and many universities around the country. 

We want you to join us in providing the opportunity for our low income students to succeed in college.  Each of our scholarship students will be provided with a comprehensive menu of student support systems to assist them while in college.  All students are monitored, tracked and must maintain college/university GPA and attendance criteria to be considered for further scholarship awards.  

Send a Scholar to Your Alma Mater
Each year, over 100 low income students in the Coachella Valley are accepted into some of the most prestigious universities in the country but are unable to attend, even with financial aid because of a lack of family resources.  We want to change that.  If you are an alumni of Michigan, UC Riverside, Notre Dame, UC Berkeley, Oregon or South Dakota State University; if your favorite university or alma mater is Stanford, UCLA, or Penn State or any accredited university in the United States, we will match your contribution up to $5,000 per year in creating a scholarship to your university and we will provide support systems to help your student succeed at your alma mater.  We will find an eligible student who is interested and qualified to enroll at your university.  You will meet the student, be informed on their progress at your alma mater and, we hope you will help us celebrate their graduation once they have completed their undergraduate degree.  This matching offer is limited and subject to the availability of funds.  We hope that you will take an interest in your student’s success and help us prove that our students can compete with the best and the brightest in the country. 

You might already provide scholarship contributions to your alma mater and wish to restrict a scholarship to a scholar from the Coachella Valley.  We will coordinate these arrangements with the financial aid office of your alma mater.  All donations are tax deductible.

Sponsor a Workshop or Seminar on College Readiness
Pathways to Success will offer a variety of college readiness workshops to help prepare students for success in college.  The workshops and seminars will focus on such topics as financial management, navigating your way through college, study skills, life skills and scholarship search strategies.  For many of our students who leave the area to attend college, the cultural changes and financial challenges become formidable barriers to their success.  These workshops provide valuable tools for our students to carry with them into college.  We will provide these workshops at various locations in the Coachella Valley each year. 

The workshop or workshop series will be publicized with the name of the donor (if you so choose) and all donations are tax deductible.   Please call our office and we will arrange a private appointment to answer any questions you may have on sponsorship opportunities for Pathways to Success. 

Underwriting Opportunities
Pathways to Success will offer a number of special events designed to provide networking and socializing experiences for our students, provide recognition to students who have been awarded scholarships and recognition for students who complete their educational goals.  We offer opportunities for local businesses and local citizens interested in education to help underwrite these important events in the lives of our students. 

Donate a Scholarship in Honor of the Name of Your Choice

You can provide a student with a scholarship in the name of a loved one, your business or anonymously by contacting our office. 

We thank you for considering support for Pathways to Success and our students.  Nothing can be more important in ensuring the future of our society and making a difference in the lives of our young people.   

All Contributions to be made to:

OneFuture Coachella Valley: Pathways to Success
45-125 Smurr Street, Ste A
Indio, CA 92201
Phone: 760-625-0423