College and universities across the country are hosts to hundreds of student clubs and organizations, each committed to helping students like you be more socially engaged in the college experience.  While Pathways to Success encourages your involvement in many of these organizations, we are committed to creating a network of colleagues from the Coachella Valley that share the common experience provided by Pathways to Success.  We invite you to consider becoming a coordinator of the PTS Student Network at your college or university.  Our Pathways to Success team will train you as a PTS Coordinator to provide the following services:

In addition to your Pathways to Success or Matching Partner scholarship, Pathways to Success will offer PTS Student Coordinators a stipend.  You will also be invited to an annual retreat for PTS Student Coordinators from across the country.  To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

For more information contact Cristina Gregorio at: or 760-625-0449.