Scholarship Application Workshops:

Working in conjunction with high schools and colleges/universities throughout the Coachella Valley, Pathways to Success will assist students (like you) and parents (like yours) navigate the oftentimes confusing financial aid process.  From completing the FAFSA and understanding the various forms of federal and private aid available, to completing the Pathways to Success Scholarship Application, we will help to clarify and inform you of the process so that you and your parents are prepared for the next big step in your education.

Goals of the Scholarship Application Workshop

Parent Workshops:

You may go through plenty of changes in your life as you complete your college education.  So too will your parents experience similar changes as you prepare or have moved from home.  Perhaps your parents are concerned with how they will help you pay for your education or emotionally they are unable to cope with you being away from home alone.  Pathways to Success staff understand that sometimes parents need additional information as to the college going process, so they may give you the level of freedom and support you need to grow and succeed while in college.  By engaging your parents in our workshops, we will help them understand the college going process and help foster an added network of support. 

Goals of the Parent Workshop

• College Readiness Workshops:

1)    Time Management

How do you juggle your busy schedule now?  Since the time demands of college will  even be greater, it is important to analyze of how we use time and how to use it more efficiently.  GRAB hold of your time!  We’ll teach you how to make daily, weekly and monthly schedules, learn how to utilize small blocks of time in an effective manner, and identify ideal study environments to eliminating distractions.

Goals of the Time Management Workshop

2)    Note Taking for Lectures

Active listening techniques and identifying important lecture concepts are important skills for any student to master. Do you know the methods for taking organized notes and developing efficient plans for review?  Don’t left behind when the lecture moves forward - Stay ahead of the curve!

Goals of the Note Taking for Lectures Workshop


3)    Effective Communication Strategies

There are approaches to effective communication among peers and with university staff and faculty. Best practices for email and face-to-face communication with professors, TAs and academic advisors take different techniques.  We’ll teach you how to get the most out of instructor office hours and academic advising sessions.  And we’ll look at assertiveness as a key skill in getting it done in college.

Goals of the Effective Communication Strategies Workshop

4)    Goal Setting

The saying goes, “A failure to plan is a plan to fail…”.  By defining different types of goals and making plans to achieve them, you create objectives that are reasonable and obtainable. Use the COPE method to stay on track with your college and life plans! 

Goals of the Goal Setting Workshop

5)    Stress Management

Stress is all around us and it is a part of our everyday lives.  But when stress is too much, or when it is too little, we can fail to perform to our potential.  Learn about stress and how you can manage it, and even beat it, while in college!

Goals of the Stress Management Workshop

6)    Analytical Reading and Improved Comprehension

Have you ever read a page in a book and not remembered a single word you read?  Perhaps you were too not engaging actively in the reading task at hand.  Learn analytical reading strategies (SQ3R, S-RUN-R or P2R) and methods for improving concentration!  You’ll learn how to recognizing what is important in your textbooks and connecting those ideas to class lectures.

Goals of the Analytical Reading and Improved Comprehension Workshop

7)    Classroom Expectations for University Students

Being in the classroom is more than just being physically there.  It’s about what you do before class, during and after class that make your time in class worthwhile and engages you in the learning process.  Learn the classroom strategies for improving concentration and generating meaningful participation in lectures and discussions that will make a difference in your college life.

Goals of the Classroom Expectations for University Students Workshop

8)    Exam Prep and Test Taking

So many different types of exams call for different types of test taking strategies to ensure good performance on the exam. Do you know all of them?  Knowing how to take a test the right way is the key to demonstrating your knowledge of the material when the pressure is on!

Goals of the Exam Prep and Test Taking Workshop

9)    Learning Styles

Knowing your learning style will help you develop coping strategies to compensate for your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. Do you know which one of the three basic learning styles you are most likely to use?  Knowing that, you can assess your preferred learning style to maximize the amount of material that you can learn and maximize the amount that you can recall. 

Goals of the Learning Styles Workshop

Financial Management Workshops:

According to a story on MSNBC filed by Jessica Silver-Greenberg, "...some 75% of college students have credit cards" (  And some students are amassing huge debt load without any thought to the negative financial consequences of carrying so much debt.  Some employers look poorly on excessive credit card debt as a factor in hiring.  Will you not get hired due to a bad credit report and uncontrolled spending during the college years?  The best way to avoid debt is to budget for the things you need versus the things you want.  Manage your money correctly and build your credit the right way with the information from our Financial Management Workshop!

Goals of the Financial Management Workshop

Personal Counseling and Advising:

In addition to financial support, students that receive a Pathways to Success or Pathways to Success Partner scholarship will receive personal counseling and advising from our staff.  At minimum once per month the Pathways to Success Counseling and Advising staff will communicate with you and review your academic goals and progress to ensure you are on track to completing your education.  Communicating with the Pathways to Success Counseling and Advising staff will come either via in-person meetings, phone, or online video conferencing.      

Mentors Advising Students (MAS):

The Coachella Valley is home to hundreds of successful professionals and community leaders interested in helping students like you succeed.  To provide you with the greatest level of support, you will be matched with a mentor that will help you set and work towards your academic and professional goals.   At minimum your mentor will communicate with you once per quarter/semester for a minimum of one year.  Pathways to Success staff will strive to match you with a mentor that has professional knowledge or experience within your academic and career objectives in order to maximize your success during and after college.

Web Based Student Services and Interactivity:

Aware that as a college student you will be busy attending classes, making new friends, joining clubs, or attending your fraternity or sorority events; Pathways to Success staff will continuously seek to provide you with a level of support that is convenient for your college life.   As a Pathways to Success or Pathways to Success Partner scholarship recipient you will receive a username and password that will give you access to our Counselors and Advisors, Career Center, Workshops, Student Network, Blogs, Student Discounts, and additional student services.